Struggling with depression, anxiety, and/or self-loathing? I’ve been there, done that. Before I was a Christian, of course I easily hit all of those areas. However, when I became a Christian, I still went through a deep, dark depression with fears, doubts, and worries. Yet, God revived me and sent me on a spiritual growth journey that transformed my life.

Now, my friend, it’s your turn. And, I’m going to show you how. It will take focus and hard work, but step by step, inch by inch, we will get there, together. No, we’re not going to be spiritual every second, but we are going to be better, together. It’s time for your spiritual growth adventure.

Where do you start? Just sign up for my Summer Solace 10 Page printable, it’s free and super easy to join. Click on the image below and get started today! You’ll be encouraged with a 30-day calendar, inspirational bible verses, step by step guide, and lots of tips on how to get closer to God.