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    30 Day Spiritual Growth with God


    Looking for a spiritual growth challenge that will help you gain life-long godly habits? Grab this 30-Day Retreat with God that will challenge you to read and memorize his Word along with exercises that grow your faith, love, and service to others.

    Here’s what you’ll find in the 30+ pages of our 30-Day Spiritual Growth Challenge:

    • 30-Day of Spiritual Growth Tasks and Calendar Tracker focusing on 5 Topics from the Bible:
      • Praising God
      • Faith in God
      • Speaking in Love
      • Serving Others
      • Spiritual Armor
    • Names of God Worksheet – Learn and memorize 10 Names of God for praising him in Prayer and Worship.
    • Hall of Faith Study – Study the “Hall of Faith” Study in Hebrews 11
    • Faithful Servants Worksheet – Read and study the 13 faithful servants of God in Hebrews 11B
    • Be More Faithful Sheet – Determine what areas you can be more faithful to God, family, and friends.
    • Practice Speaking in Love – Do you struggle with negative words, cursing, swear words, criticism in your talking? Identify what issues are weaknesses and pray about how you can stop the negative talk.
    • Serving Others for God – Instill in your routine a servant’s heart for Serving Others by gaining ideas, compiling a list to serve, and how you can serve others every week.
    • Spiritual Armor of God – Identify and study the spiritual Armor of God in Ephesians 6:11.
    • Feelings of Fear & Worries Worksheet – Determine daily fears and how to combat them with the Word of God.
    • Spiritual Journal – What spiritual growth has developed from these 30+ Days of focusing on God?
    • Transformation Tracing Steps – Transform your life with just a few steps in your day. Identify Bible Resources and Bible Studies to help you develop godly habits and biblical thinking.
    • Commitment to the Lord – Daily worksheet to encourage building a godly routine with the Lord.
    • 50 Ideas to Replace Bad Habits – Instead of focusing on negative thoughts, habits, and struggles, replace any evil or wrongdoing with spiritual habits.
    • 31 Days of Proverbs – Memorize and meditate each day on a Bible Verse of Proverbs for godly wisdom and guidance.
    • Romans Road to Salvation Bookmarks – Not sure what to say to a stranger for witnessing? Hand them a Romans Road to Salvation Bookmark that will lead them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
    • 30 Bible Verse Flash Cards – Print these Bible Verse flashcards on cardstock for long-lasting scripture cards that include popular and encouraging Bible Verses. Use them for studying and memorizing with the kids!
    • Artwork – Bonus Bible Verse Art Works to print and frame and add to your refrigerator to cover your home with the Word!
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    Armor of God Bible Study Printable


    If you are looking for an accountability partner to learn and meditate on the Armor of God, this printable is perfect for you! It includes all of the bible verses, bible cards, check list on the Armor of God Prayer, the meanings behind all 6 elements of the Armor of God, and more!

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    ArtWork II Timothy 1:7


    Download this beautiful artwork and put it in a frame or on your refrigerator to remind yourself to NOT fear. Instead, remember that God has given us the power, love and sound mind!

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    Bible Study Notebook: Biblical Thinking


    If you struggle with any variety of emotions throughout the day such as fears, anxiety, worry, and anger, it’s time to transform your mind into biblical thinking. It takes hard work on your part initially, but once you develop the habit, it’s amazingly freeing and you can start enjoying a peaceful life. Do you want joy, happiness, and contentment? Let me show you the biblical way how to develop simple routines to begin a game-changing process.

    Our 16-page Biblical Thinking Guide is a new way of thinking…get away from worldly thoughts and emotions, instead, let the Lord guide you into the best years of your life. Here’s what’s included in this huge value of spiritual products:

    • Intro Page – Why transforming your thinking is key to spiritual success and a summary of Biblical Thinking Notebook.
    • Instructions – Step-by-step instructions on how to implement the Biblical Thinking System.
    • Worry & Fear Worksheets – Common thoughts and useful Bible Verses for anxiety, fears, or worries
    • Bible Verse Chart – Includes key scripture on how to change to Biblical thinking with meditation & memorization
    • Goal Planning – Plan a weekly goal to help jump start your new life-changing spiritual habits
    • Thoughts Inventory – Progressing through the day, take inventory of negative thoughts for future transformation
    • Bible Resources – Write important Bible resources that keep you focused on your spiritual goals
    • Prayer Time – Prayers are essential during this time of reflection and renewal of the mind.
    • Prayer List – Write specific prayers and give it to the Lord to help combat negative thinking
    • Bible Verse Index Cards (2 pages) – Cut out 6 Anxiety Bible Verses to help memorization of scripture.
    •  Bible Verse Bookmarks – Helpful Bible verses are included in bookmarks for handy and encouraging Bible verses.
    • Bible Verse Copywork – Another crucial tool to permanently keep verses in your heart for a lifetime.
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    Bible Verse Cards Print & Go


    If you are looking for something easy to jump start memorizing and meditating on scripture, these Bible Verses Print & Go are for you! In addition, you’ll get tips on how to use them effectively. These encouraging bible scripture cards will inspire you to spend more time with the Lord.

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    Christian Gratitude Journal


    Christian Gratitude Journal with 70+pages of promoting thankfulness in your life. Change sour to sweet, negative to positive, and bitterness to kindness. Joy comes from the heart and if you have an attitude of gratitude, your day will be brighter, happier, and full of hope. Our Gratitude Journal encourages Christian women to go deeper into their hearts to remember how wonderful their life with God truly is and always will be!

    Here’s what you’ll get in this awesome minimal Gratitude Coloring Journal:

    • Daily Prayer Journal
    • Daily Gratitude Prompts Journals
    • Daily Drawing and Doodling Areas
    • 30 KJV Bible Verses for Meditation
    • 9 Coloring Pages
    • Notes Journal
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    Identify Negative Thoughts Challenge


    Struggling with negative thoughts in your mind? Ready to take action and turn your thoughts into positive, lovely thoughts? Try this easy, 3 step challenge for 30 days using transformation Bible verses and see how it transforms your mind! You will be amazed at how many times throughout the day you need to focus on God instead of deceiving and discouraging thoughts.

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    Prayer Bookmarks


    These special 5 bookmarks printables are perfect if you are looking for prayer bible verses. In addition, these special bible verses are a great reminder to be transformed by the renewing of your mind! You’ll find these KJV bible verses Deuteronomy 31:6, James 3:16, Luke 11:1-4 The Lords Prayer, Romans 12:2, and Daniel 6:10.  These are available for immediate download to print (on cardstock recommended) and laminate (optional). You can buy laminate paper on Amazon without a laminate machine!

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    Spiritual Growth Goal Planner


    Looking for a unique planner that encourages spiritual growth? Our 30-Page 2024 planner is perfect for your spiritual needs! Developing lifelong habits that draw you closer to the Lord is key to the Christian life.

    Here’s what you’ll find in all 30 pages of our Spiritual Growth Goal Planner:

    • Introduction -How to Plan 3-Part Goals and use this reflective and instrumental Spiritual Goal Planner.
    • Bucket List Challenge – Write down your bucket list of items you’d like to discover this new year.
    • Life Planning Journal – Start from the end to work on the beginning. Write your eulogy to help focus on the right goal-setting plan.
    • Generic Goal Planning Tracker – Plan your high-level goals including people to see, places to be, and projects to complete.
    • Spiritual Goal Planner Tracker – Plan high-level spiritual goals including books to read, new routines, and online resources.
    • Daily Goals Tracker – Each day is a new day with the top 3 tasks to accomplish, what’s for dinner, drink your water tally, & more.
    • Monthly Goals Tracker – At-a-glance monthly goals to keep your focus on each month’s achievements.
    • Blank Month Calendar – Every month write your key events, activities, and routines.
    • Quarterly Goals – High-level goal quarterly planning will help you stay on track and evaluate progress easier.
    • Habit Master List – Write your bad habits and replace them with spiritual, life-changing habits.
    • Goal Master List – Write all of your high-level goals and keep track of them in this master list.
    • Books Master List – Record books that edify the soul and give you eternal perspective.
    • Project Plan – Write projects you’d like to work on this year including due dates beside each step.
    • End of Year Review – Record the outcome of last year and cascade any remaining goals to this year.
    • Start of the Year Review – Write your word of the year and changes, goals, learning achievements to be made.
    • Spiritual Success Review – Record your theme and goals on spiritual accomplishments for the new year.
    • Monthly Bright Spots – Record memorable moments, significant events, and important accomplishments in this section.
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    Summer Solace 30 Day Series


    If you are struggling with divorce, depression, or despair, it’s time for a change! If you are ready for a transformation like no other, you’re not going to doing it alone anymore. I show you step by step how you can begin to get closer to the Lord by adding a few simple steps to your life. What can you lose? It’s free! This is just the beginning, my friend. Grab this 10-Page Summer Solace printable to gain access to a helpful tips to begin the process of healing and restoration.