Grab our free printable Bible Reading Plan resources to ensure you understand the scriptures clearly.

Check out these FREE Printable Bible Reading Plan Resources! Our goal is to encourage you to read the Bible on a daily basis. We are hopeful these Bible Study Tools will give you spiritual success in your daily walk with the Lord. You’ll find a growing set of Bible resources below that fits all of your spiritual needs.

Women of the Bible Study

Learn all about 10 Women in the Bible who had Christ-like traits including faithfulness, servanthood, sacrifice, courage, and so much more! You’ll discover how these faithful women served the Lord with gladness and became one of the most talked about women in the scriptures. Here is a list of the women you will study:

Daily Proverbs Devotional

In order to help you succeed, Proverbs is a perfect and peaceful way to get through each and every new day. I’ve included a Daily Proverbs Bible Verse for every morning that will encourage you to keep moving forward, no matters what lies ahead in your day. Click on the link below to grab our FREE, instant download, Daily Proverbs KJV Printable for 31 Days as our gift to you. I pray it enlightens you with a new outlook, attitude, and fearless spirit.

Names of God

In addition, I’ve also created a FREE Names of God Printable that you will surely enjoy when adding it to your fridge. Pull it out when you are ready to praise the Lord for all of His wonderful names. I’ll show you why it’s important to know the many names of the Lord. In addition, you’ll find a simple list of 10 wonderful names of God to help you praise Him for His amazing names.

Bible Reading Plan PDF

In addition, if you are looking for more robust Bible Study features including a monthly reading plan, check out our FREE Bible Reading Plan in PDF format. By signing up below, you’ll get a scripture reading plan auto-delivered on a monthly basis to encourage reading the scripture every day.

Try our Read the Bible Plan, in just 15 minutes a day, you'll read through the New Testament twice and Old Testament once.


Bible Verse Bookmarks

Praise Bookmarks

I have a confession, I absolutely love bookmarks and have been making them for probably 20 years. When computers first came out and printers worked fairly well, I was printing bookmarks and laminating them.

Now that technology has changed and graphics look better, it’s even more fun to create printable Bible verse bookmarks. I’m including some free scripture bookmarks that Praise the Lord so these would be perfect for any time. We should be praising Him all day so if you need a constant reminder to praise Him (like me), download these free Praise Bible Verse bookmarks!

Hope Bookmarks

Need some encouraging Bible Verses to give you hope with the unknown season coming upon us? We thought last year was rough, but this year looks to be heading the same direction, most likely, even more difficult than we ever imagined.

However, we don’t need to worry, doubt, or fear, Jesus is near! Grab these Free Hope Bible Verse Bookmarks and Free Hope Coloring Page to prepare your heart to have hope and joy in all seasons.

Printable Bible Reading Plan

In what order should I read the Bible?

You don’t need to read the Bible chronologically. In fact, it might be a good idea to focus on the New Testament first, and then go back to the Old Testament. Over the span of 18 months or a year and a half, our Bible Reading Plan goes through the entire New Testament twice and the entire Old Testament once with our easy-to-follow scripture schedule. Plus, you’ll read a chapter of Proverbs on a daily basis.

How do you Read the Bible in the Entire Year?

If you’d like to read it in just 12 months, simply read the scripture reading plan for a day and a half every day. Be sure to check off each day as you go along and keep printable in your Bible where you left off. Each month’s Bible Reading Plan will be sent by mid-month to help keep up with a 12 month Scripture Reading Plan.

Scripture Reading Tips

Here are some great scripture reading tips before getting started to ensure you’ve read the scripture in the most effective way:

  • As you begin a new book of the Bible, be sure to read the Introduction. The intro should supply you with the author of the book, the audience, and other helpful hints.
  • Take your time, write neat notes in the margins of your Bible that are helpful but not distracting.
  • Keep a journal beside you to ensure you write down what God is telling you in his powerful Word. You’ll enjoy going through it in the future seeing many answers to prayers or worries that don’t come to fruition.
Having a Printable Bible Reading Plan is key to a successful relationship with the Lord.

Free Bible Reading Plan Printable

In addition, be sure to keep an eye out for emails in your inbox that contain helpful Biblical Resources and encouraging Bible Verses to memorize and meditate on during this exciting period in our lives.

Why is it such an exciting time in our lives, despite the struggles and stress?!! We’re getting to read the Word on a daily basis, we’re drawing closer to God. This is a game-changer, this is what will give you joy, peace, happiness, and contentment. It’s not going to be paying all of the Bills, saving for retirement, getting healthier, etc. While that’s a great plan physically and mentally moving forward, it only brings happiness temporarily on this earth.

Instead, having a spiritual plan is the best way to cure depression, discouragement, and doubts. Whatever situation you are in, God has a path for you. Don’t look down with defeat, instead, look up the Savior and thank Him that you can dive deep into his Word. The scriptures are His love letter to you!

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Best Christian Podcasts

The best Christian Podcasts I recommend are Bible-believing servants of the Lord. Do not expect any fluff or fakeness or watered down teaching with my recommendations.

If you are looking for sermon-type, easy to listen to podcasts, Adrian Rogers is by far, the best. I love his alliterated sayings dubbed “Adrianisms” that help you remember the Word in an enjoyable way. He’s a great speaker and preacher, and every sermon I’ve listened to makes sense and is derived from the Bible.

Katherine Caldwell is my favorite Christian Podcaster I’ve been studying under her for years. She dives deep into the Word — it will amaze and astound you! With over 35 years of teaching, speaking, and writing, Katherine’s Caldwell Commentaries Podcast has over 400 podcasts to listen to from Genesis to Revelation. Writing over 20 books, she is a prolific author with an uncanny ability to tell a story. You will be on the edge of your seat after listening to just one podcast!

Phone Screensavers and Phone Wallpaper

If you use your phone throughout the day, use Bible Verses and Biblical Phrases for encouragement and inspiration throughout the day. Every time I see my phone wallpaper with scripture verses or Bible phrases, it makes me smile and encourages my heart.

Need some encouragement today? Add some daily Bible verses to your life. It’s easy to do with just a few simple steps. Here’s how to add phone screensavers to your smartphone:

  1. On your phone or tablet, download the phone screensaver image you’d like to display on your phone or tablet. Hold down on the image and it will ask you to “Add to Camera Roll?”. Say “yes”.
  2. Go to your images or camera roll and find the phone wallpaper. Select it, find the share button with a square shape and up arrow. Then, scroll up until you see “Use as Wallpaper”, adjust picture as necessary, select ‘set’, click on Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, or Set Both and viola, you’ve got a gorgeous reminder throughout the day how blessed you are!