Gratitude Journal with Prompts


Ready for a change to make the Thanksgiving season more special this year? It’s time to get thankful with a ton of Gratitude. Our Gratitude Journal with Prompts includes over 30 Questions to encourage the grateful spirit in you. Do you need more energy in your day? It will encourage, inspire, and remind you of how wonderful life is with the right perspective and attitude.

  • Thankful Bible Verses Art Work – Print out this Beautiful Artwork in color and frame it or add it as a wonderful reminder on your fridge. 2 Gorgeous artworks are available.
  • At a Glance Monthly Calendar – The month of November is a busy time for women and having a monthly glance of your weeks helps keep you organized.
  • Thanksgiving Week – Break down your daily tasks during an exciting time of the season.
  • 30+ Grateful Prompts – You’ll love these invoking, encouraging, and compelling questions to help you stay on track with gratitude and thankfulness during the Thanksgiving Season.
  • Thanksgiving Gift Tags – Personalize a gift or table setting with these pretty gift tags.
  • Printable Thanksgiving Card – Print as many cards as you need to say Thank you to your loved ones. Cardstock is recommended.
  • Printable Christmas Card – Bonus Christmas Cards to get an early start on writing your Christmas message in a personalized way. Cardstock is recommended.
  • Thankfulness Challenge – Grateful Bible Verses and a 4-Step Challenge on how you can be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Take Away Challenges – Write down 4 things you have learned this week on how you can have an attitude of gratitude.
  • Thanksgiving Prep– Write your daily tasks to prepare for the most wonderful and thankful season.
  • Thanksgiving Grocery List – Time to prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner with our Grocery List!
  • Thanksgiving Prep Plan – The week of Thanksgiving is super busy — take advantage of planning a special week with our daily prep plan.
  • Thankful Tips for Kids – For those who have kids, print this awesome tip guide to help your kids understand how to have a better attitude in 3 ways.
  • Saving to Bless – Encourage your child to save for those in need. Help your child things of ways and people who they can give back or bless someone during this special season.