My Christmas Planner and Blessings Bundle


Wondering where to start with your Holiday Planning and Gift Giving? Whether there are 2 months or a few days before Christmas, it’s not too late to get organized. My Christmas Planner and Blessings Bundle includes 25+ Pages of the following Christmas Printables:

  • Christmas Art Work – Beautiful Artwork of a special Christmas Bible Verse to display to prepare our hearts for the Christmas Season.
  • Instructions – A guide is included to help you make the most of your Christmas Planner. There are links throughout the document for convenience.
  • Get Organized – Time to plan, just write all of the thoughts and ideas in your head including blessing others.
  • At a Glance Monthly Calendar – The months of November and December are included so you can write high-level events and festivities that are planned.
  • Weekly Planning – Take all of those thoughts and your events coming up, and add them to a weekly schedule. Print as many as you need.
  • Christmas Tasks – Here’s where the detail comes in, what your daily tasks look like to keep moving forward.
  • Holiday Events – Break down your daily tasks on an hourly basis so you are assured to stay focused.
  • Holiday Festivities – Time to add all of your fun festivities planned per week. This is perfect for the family, so keep it displayed on the fridge.
  • Blessing Brainstorm – Ready to bless someone? Time to put all of the thoughts and ideas on paper. Who can you bless? Have you noticed anyone lonely or struggling to put food on the table?
  • Christmas Blessing Ideas – Now that you’ve got your list of folks in need or you’d like to bless, what ideas can you come up for gifts?
  • Blessing Bundle Ideas – I’ve included some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing. You can use my list or keep yours and add as well.
  • Blessings Plan executed – Time to put all of your ideas into intentional action.
  • Christmas List – 2 different types of Gift-giving lists to write down your gift list of recipients.
  • Christmas Budget – What is your budget? Break it down once you have a total on how much you can spend on each person.
  • Holiday Food Shopping – A Grocery Shopping List is a must during this time of year. Try to make one grocery trip so you’re more productive during this busy season.
  • Christmas Traditions – What are the traditions you love and want to keep. What about next year?
  • Christmas Memories Forever – Write down all of the memories you cherished this year. Discuss the events that make the Christmas Season extra special and memorable.
  • Thank you Notes – Remember to write notes and thank those who gave you and your children gifts. There is a Thank You printable for you and your kids!
  • Family Survey – Take a survey with the whole family to see what was memorable for them and what they would prefer not to revisit next year.
  • Gift Tags – Personalize a gift or table setting with these pretty gift tags. There are 3 types of gift tags, two are for personalizing with a note and the other could be for presenting on a table. These are at the end so you can print in color and single-sided.