Daily Inspirational Bible Verses

Are you struggling with enjoying life every day? Do you miss laughing and joking around with your spouse? Every day seems to be another dud. Your Debbie Downer friend just called you. You turn on the news, more bad news. A text comes in from your spouse, he’s going to be late again tonight. The room you just cleaned is a mess again. Need some encouragement? Try using Daily Inspirational Bible Verses for encouragement and positive thinking!


If you are looking for an uplifting spirit and attitude on a daily basis, include bible Verses to ignite your day. It’s amazing how your whole perspective on life changes when you focus on God’s Word and His promises. Did you ever read a book or article or hear someones story and think, “Wow, my life isn’t so bad?!!”. If so, meditating on bible verses will make your day brighter, give you more productivity throughout the entire day, and challenge you to stay focused on what’s important.

God’s Word is Powerful

We naturally want to stay in fear, have doubts, and worry about our situation. Yet, with the power of the Word, we can make a huge impact on not only our own lives, but others around us as well.

When we are not in the Spirit, we are in our flesh. Our family and friends surrounding us can be positively impacted when our mood is encouraging, uplifting, happy, etc etc. You get the picture, right?!!

Daily Inspirational Bible Verses for 30 Days

But, you may wonder, how is this going to work? I’m looking for some easy to incorporate in my life! I’ve got you covered. It’s super easy, free, and simple to implement this 30 Day Bible Verse Challenge. You don’t have to go to a website, check your email, or read through a ton of steps.

Just download my printable by entering your email and it will be available instantly. Just print out the cards {preferably on cardstock}, cut and go. For 30 Days, you’ll read a new daily inspirational bible verse that encourages, lifts you up, and gives you hope to face another day. You can stick on your fridge, tape it on your laptop, leave it on your nightstand, or keep it in your car while you are driving.

In order to get your FREE 30 Encouraging Bible Verse Cards, just add your email address and name. We’re in this together as I’m doing this myself to keep me staying positive and refreshed throughout the day. Remember, the Word is more powerful than a two-edged sword. That means that these Bible Verses can cure the blues any day of the week!

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