How to Be Transformed By the Renewing of Your Mind

Would you like to change your thinking habits and have a stress-free, happy life? If so, let me take you on the same journey I went through years ago when I was stressed from the time I woke up in the morning until bedtime. I’ll show you how to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. It’s not a simple path, but it does get easier over time once you establish good biblical habits using Bible verses and prayer.

This transformed Bible verse was key to removing my spiritual mind clutter in Romans 12:2. The Romans 12:2 Bible verse says that we should ‘And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.’ It is key to staying away from worldly thoughts such as bitterness, loneliness, depression, and impure thoughts.

Let me step back for a minute. For many years, I always had a one-word theme to help me focus on my goals. How about you? A few years ago, my one word for the year was — ‘transform’. And, boy, did my whole world transform (as a friend put it). It was the year that made a huge impact on my life. Sadly, my previous one-word themes had not been spiritual, yet, this year, it was going to be different.

Wondering what my ‘unspiritual’ words were the previous years? Here’s an idea — I went through your typical ‘simple’ themes like declutter, organize, etc…you get the picture. It was all about material possessions, but never my spiritual condition.

I had forgotten what was most important. Yet, I’m so glad a light bulb went off when I realized I still wasn’t happy with my situation, environment, or my family.

What is the ‘Transformed’ Definition?

What does it mean to be transformed? The transformed definition is a change completely, in form, appearance, or in structure.  

Here’s the problem — I couldn’t do it by myself.  It was always impossible for me to transform myself even trying many times and failing miserably.  However, when I began to realize that I had to relinquish it ALL to God, then, I would be transformed by the renewing of my mind through the Holy Spirit.

But, I had to be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to change me.  That’s why they call it ‘will’.  We all have one and a lot of times, we say no, don’t we?  I ‘will’ not.  This year, however, I want to transform and say ‘I will’, just like the commitment I made twenty-some years ago with my husband. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect picture of Christ and his Bride? I’m so happy and honored to be his Bride.

How to Be Transformed

If you want to be transformed by God, you need to start preparing — begin with a physical routine and a good location or environment.  He will show you how to be transformed by the renewing of your mind; he is the ultimate teacher. Remember, you need a consistently quiet place to talk to Him so your mind automatically goes into ‘God Mode’.  

In the scriptures, Daniel had a special place that was his ‘prayer place’ or ‘prayer room’. He prayed in his prayer spot at the same time and place three times a day since people knew where he prayed and when to go find him there. Remember those evil men or caused him to be thrown in the lion’s den? They knew those key details to get Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

Daniel 6:10 King James Version (KJV)
10 Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house; and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did aforetime.

Do you have a Praying Room?

Is it time for you to find your own own space and make it your place? A place with just you and the Lord? Find a praying room or part of the house that has little traffic and is quiet. I highly recommend the movie ‘War Room’ as reveals the importance for a prayer room.

It’s a wonderful place — you may not recognize the importance of it right away, but when you develop a habit, you’ll see a difference. Your mind will start automatically shifting to worshiping and thanking the Lord. It will become so engrained in you that those special surroundings will trigger your thoughts right to the Lord. A wonderful habit will form and will become just you and the Lord’s time. 

My place with the Lord used to be the closet until we needed the space to store things recently. Now, it’s by the fireplace in a comfortable chair where I go early in the morning before the day begins. I’ve been doing this for over 2 years now and look forward to it. It’s certainly the most peaceful time of the day.

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Prayer Place

So, your assignment for today is to find a place that’s quiet and only you and the Lord know about it. This will be your ‘prayer closet’ or ‘prayer room’. This is your special place to read your bible, meditate on bible verses etc. Do you have a corner in the closet you can put a pillow for kneeling or a chair for sitting?  

If you don’t have room for a special place, find one.  Declutter the closet, get rid of that physical stuff you don’t need and make room for the Lord.  He is waiting for you.  He wants a relationship with you.  Yes, YOU!  

You are His child.  Isn’t that amazing that you can talk to the Almighty God?  I am in awe that He wants to talk to little old me. I can’t reach the President of the United States, yet, my Father, the creator of the ENTIRE universe is waiting for me.  Wow, that’s powerful, it gives me goose bumps.  

What are you waiting for?!!! Go get your space with the Lord!

Questions to Ask Before Settling on a Prayer Room

Some questions to ask before settling on your spot:

  • What household area has the least amount of traffic?
  • Where can I go that’s quiet but easy to access?
  • Can I hide from others while also being accessible in case of an emergency?
  • Is there a place to put a bible, journal, and pen?

First Step: Be Transformed By the Renewing of Your Mind

Now that I’ve given you your first assignment, this is just the beginning to being transformed by the renewing of your mind. We will continue an important series that starts with this post. Stay tuned as we will be going on a spiritual adventure to make us more like Christ, saturating ourselves with the Word, bible verses, prayer time, and the Holy Spirit.

Second Step: Use Daily Tools for Encouragement and Growth

The Bible is the most important tool in your spiritual tool kit. Yet, we can have supplemental material to guide us along with getting to know the Lord. If you are struggling with issues that are weighing on you daily, it’s time for a change! If you are ready for a transformation like no other, you’re not going to doing it alone anymore. I show you step by step how you can begin to get closer to the Lord by adding a few simple steps to your life. What can you lose? Transform your negative thoughts into biblical thinking with my Biblical Thinking Notebook. It comes with a step by step process including critical key verses that helped me transform my mind into positive, godly thoughts. Plus, you’ll find a place for planning, writing in a journal with what God reveals to you, and exercises with examples to help you hone in on what sinful feelings that are weighing you down like bitterness, anger, and more!

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