All In One Marketing Tool: Marketing Calendar by Coschedule

As a minimalist at heart, I’m always looking for ways to reduce clutter in my personal and professional life. With this main priority in mind, I’m always hunting for shortcuts and automation tools at an affordable price to make life easier. One of my top recommendations that I can’t live without professionally is the all-in-one marketing tool, Coschedule.

What is Coschedule?

At a quick glance, Coschedule seems to be merely a glorified calendar on a web-based platform. You may have heard of it because of their free and famous Headline Analyzer. However, it is SO much more than that. While it does have a learning curve, as you get to know Coschedule, you will become amazed at all of the features you unlock and love over time.

Coschedule is an editorial calendar that organizes your projects, tasks, schedules social media postings, and a wonderful communication and assignment tool for a team of employees or Virtual Assistants with various tasks to manage.

How Does Coschedule Work?

To be honest, if I didn’t start using Coschedule for a client, I probably wouldn’t have chosen Coschedule. I didn’t realize how much potential it had to reduce hours of work each week. Since Trello and the Google Calendar were free, I stuck with those tools initially as I began my blogging adventure. However, as I learned about all of Coschedule’s features, I realized having an all-in-one marketing tool like Coschedule makes life so much easier for the same price as a social media scheduler. It saves me a ton of time as well with their templates feature. Plus, I get a ton of other options that cannot be compared to any other marketing tool online.

What sold me on Coschedule is the ability to schedule all of my social media campaigns. Even though Trello and Google are free, they cannot schedule my social media posts like Coschedule. I would still have to pay for an all-inclusive social media scheduler anyway, who not have the entire package for the same price? It’s a no-brainer.

In any business, you must be organized to be successful. Coschedule helps you manage your projects, tasks, and teams much wiser than other free tools combined.

How Do You Use Coschedule?

There are 3 key features I want to share as they immediately sold me on purchasing their yearly plan. It’s well worth the money and this is coming from someone who is very frugal with their money!

Pros of Coschedule

Let’s start with the simple stuff — creating tasks. Simply go to the calendar, and you can immediately type out tasks. Use it like a brain dump initially with all of your tasks you can think of. If your tasks should be under a project, it’s time to organize them into projects.

Simply go to Calendar, and then Create, and click on Project. From there, you can add all of your documents all into one place. Please make sure to give deadlines as Coschedule will remind you of the task coming up. It keeps you accountable, but you have to do your part and assign dates.

The second attribute I love about Coschedule is that it’s integrated with WordPress. My projects are basically blog posts, so I create a New WordPress Project and then add my tasks using a customized task template I created. Coschedule already has premade task templates to get you started, plus integrated timelines to keep your tasks on track. You can add/delete/modify as you go along. Easy Peasy.

The third wonderful option I absolutely cannot live without is that Coschedule has a scheduling tool for all popular social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. There is a learning curve with automating this feature so make sure to check out their tutorials. It even has a re-queue feature that allows you to recycle posts based on how many times you’d like them to appear on your social media channels. This is a huge time saver as once you post it, it will automatically re-queue and post based on your specifications. Make sure to turn on this feature as it’s not automatically set up.

Cons of Coschedule

WIth most powerful marketing tools, there is a learning curve, especially with the social media scheduler. I would suggest watching videos and tutorials they provide to get the most out of your purchase.

In addition, I would like to see the ability to take current tasks and pull them into a project. I do not see this feature currently, but I would guess at some point they would add it.

Lastly, I don’t like how they set up their calendar display. It doesn’t show an entire month, about 2 weeks, depending on how many tasks are displayed per day. In order for you to see an entire month at a glance, you need to click on the top arrow at the date range field and change it to the month you’d like displayed. I prefer to see a month at a glance, and thankfully, once you change it, it stays there until you sign out. You do have to scroll down to see the entire month and possibly the current date.

Coschedule App

They do have a Coschedule App and it’s great for quickly adding a task or social media post, but there are not a lot of capabilities currently in their app. I’d like to be able to add more than just a task or social post but thankful I can use it to quickly add an idea before I forget. In addition, if you need to remove a social blurb before it gets posted and you are away from your computer, it’s a valuable tool to have handy.

Coschedule Rating is 5 Stars

I’m still learning about all of the features and they are consistently improving the options over time. I have been using Coschedule for 2 years and just getting ready to renew my subscription. I really enjoy Coschedule and think it is worth the money if you’re looking for your marketing tools all in one spot like me. I give Coschedule 5 stars as there is nothing like it out there that has so many integrated marketing features for bloggers!

If this online marketing calendar is something you are looking for, please use my affiliate here for the Coschedule Marketing Calendar to start your FREE 2-week trial. And, if you are like me, and find that you’d like to try another option, they will change it for you a reset the 2-week trial period. Their customer service is awesome and super friendly. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them with questions!

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