Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in the Bible

Are you fulfilling your purpose as a Christian Woman? Do you want to serve Jesus but not sure how to start? Maybe it’s time to discover your talents and spiritual gifts in the Bible that God has given to you. We’ll go over 7 talents directly from scripture that God has given at least one to you. Here’s how you can determine your spiritual gift in the Bible directly from the book of Romans in Chapter 12.

What are your spiritual gifts? Find out your spiritual talents according to the Bible.

What are the 7 Spiritual Gifts?

Let’s begin with the question, what are the spiritual gifts and their meanings based on scripture? How do we define it? In 1 Corinthians 12:7, a spiritual gift is a ‘manifestation of the Spirit [of God] given to every man to profit withal”. It’s essentially a gift from God and is not a natural ability. It’s a supernatural ability that God gives to every believer. That statement I just typed gave me goosebumps as it’s so amazing that not only does He give us the gift of salvation, he also presents us with a supernatural ability that is not our natural talent.

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Why are Spiritual Gifts Important?

Obviously, spiritual gifts and abilities are important because we should use the gift that God presents us. The Bible gives us a clear example as to why we should seek and use our spiritual talents. For example, the parable of talents Jesus told and recorded in Matthew 25:14–30 answers this critical question.

In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus describes a man preparing to go on a journey. He has three servants in which he gave portions of his estate “according to their ability” and leaves. Knowing that they will eventually give an account for their portions, these three men had to decide how to use their “talents” or money. After a long period of time, the Master does return and asks each servant what he did with the gifts he gave them.

The first servant doubled his portion and was told “Well done, good and faithful servant”. The second servant doubled his money as well and was praised by his master and rewarded. The third servant, however, said he was afraid and hid his talent. The master responded with admonishment saying he was wicked and slothful. He took his talent back and gave it to them which had ten talents.

Using Your Talents for the Lord

Do we want to be the two faithful servants who doubled their portion and got praise saying “Well done, thy faithful servant” or do we want to come before our Lord someday with nothing to show in our works? Obviously, this is a rhetorical question as I would assume we as Christians want to show our works to the Lord.

How many Spiritual Gifts are there?

Something I want to mention — he did not pass out talents equally, he gave them “according to their ability”. So, if you see someone who seems to have a lot of spiritual gifts from God, that’s ok. Use your spiritual gift(s) for His glory and be happy with what He has given you.

What if I don’t Use my Spiritual Gifts?

Someday, as born-again believers, we will be kneeling before Jesus and judged at the ‘Bema’ seat. No, we won’t be talking about how we were mean to someone or the many times we sinned, we will be held accountable for our works.

The ‘Bema’ seat of Christ is noted in 2 Corinthians 5:1-19. The purpose of the ‘Bema’ seat is to reveal the character and motivation of the believer. We will be judged by our works or “the things done in his body” (2 Corinthians 5:10), and whether the Lord will accept our works. In 1 Corinthians 3:13-15, “Every man’s work shall be made manifest”. I would plead with you to find out what your spiritual talent is and how He wants you to use it.

What are the Seven Spiritual Gifts in the Bible?

How many spiritual gifts are there? In Romans 12, the 7 Spiritual Gifts in the Bible are clearly spelled out for us. Here is the entire list of spiritual gifts and talents:

  1. Gift of Prophecy (Truth Teller) – Declaring the truth to others. Possible Jobs: Missions work or teaching a class
  2. Gift of Ministry (Service) – Meeting the needs of others in practical ways. Possible Jobs: Activities/Programs in church, ushers, nursery, etc
  3. Gift of Teaching – Clarify and seek truth with a questioning mind and teach it to others. Possible positions could be Sunday School, Bible Clubs, Bible Studies, etc
  4. Gift of Exhortation (Encouragement) – Exhort or encourage others to love Jesus better or grow closer to the Lord. Possible responsibilities could be personal counseling, music ministry, visitation, soul-winning etc
  5. Gift of Giving – The gift of giving assets to one another and making good decisions coupled with the ability to meet immediate needs.
  6. Gift of Ruling – Helping others see the big picture and keep them moving and focused on their spiritual mission. In addition, the gift of leading and coordination of activities that glorify God. Examples may be high-level positions in the church.
  7. Gift of Mercy – This gift is being a comforter for those in distress and has feelings of empathy or sympathy for others during trials, tests, and tribulations. Meets needs mentally, emotionally, and practically. Jobs may be hospital visitation, benevolence, and counseling.
Spiritual gifts will be revealed if you are transformed by the renewing of your mind. Find out how to clean up the spiritual clutter with the biblical thinking notebook.

What is My Spiritual Gift?

What is your spiritual gift? You might be questioning — what are my gifts and talents? The Bible indicates that we must first be willing to present ourselves a living sacrifice. Let’s compare a physical sacrifice on the altar to a spiritual sacrifice for example. When an animal sacrifice was placed on an altar, it was very slippery. So, two flesh hooks were placed on the animal to hold it to the top of the altar to keep it from falling. In order for you to be a living sacrifice, it takes two character traits as well to keep you from conforming to the world: discipline and devotion. In order to discipline ourselves to have a God-honoring life, we must set up a daily routine of prayer, reading the Bible, and keeping our thoughts focused on Him. This will keep us strong, motivated, and encouraged when the world wants to suck us back in.

How do you keep Biblical thinking from dissipating in your mind? The Bible says in Romans 12:2 that you must have a spiritual transformation by renewing your mind. In other words, be not conformed of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Please do not be afraid of what God has in store for you. Do not be afraid of sharing the gospel with others. Also, get busy in the body, that is, the body of Christ! Use those talents in your church like Sunday School, nursery, leading a Bible Study group, and the list goes on and on.

What are your spiritual goals this year? Maybe it’s time to find out what God has gifted you so you can glorify God with your talent(s). If you are looking for a printable spiritual gifts test, take one from Lifeway.

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